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What's included? ...besides lots of fun and love,, one of the best Holidays of your life!  

Our philosophy is very simple; our costs are as inclusive as we can make them. Most people would prefer to know ahead of time what the total holiday cost is; not have to worry about little additional surprises along the way!

On our Sailing-Charters, once you get onboard, everything  is covered . We provide provisions for breakfasts, lunches, snacks . The only thing we don't include is dinners or alcohol - the local tavern experience ashore is much too much fun to miss!

So unlike the usual yacht charter in the Med - there's no unexpected extras to catch you out halfway (“Oh, you didn't realize how much this marina costs?” or “That'll be another 300 Euros for the fuel bill” ).

With the more usual bareboat-plus-skipper arrangement, you're up for everything else—fuel, water, mooring, insurance, food, on board bar bills, skipper's meals, etc.

  Our philosophy is that nasty $/E surprises don't do anything for a relaxing vacation— so we don't work that way. We'd prefer you to eat, drink and be merry—without worrying how much extra it will cost! -Please tip your Crew 7-10% if you are happy with the service.

Check out our food , we use mostly organic fresh produce  and wild caught seafood that we often catch ourselfs



4 Double cabins and 2 single cabins

Additional oversize ports and hatches/fans for greater ventilation

full broadband Internet Service and laptop

Snorkeling Gear for everyone!

Provisioning for:
soft drinks
fruit, snacks, "nibbles", etc
all boat running expenses -
fuel water
mooring fees
end cleaning
sailing instruction if desired

In short, once you are on the boat, everything is covered, with the exception of dinners (usually ashore in a local tavern) - and any personal expenditure on the land along with any custom fees or port fees if we sail from one country to another



sailing the Greek Islands , Greece, Italy, Turkey, & Tunisia by sailing catamaran, turkey, sailing turkey


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