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Snorkeling in the  Islands is an unforgettable experience.  Exotic shape  ( more than 400 varieties of fish) Dolphins, Sea Turtles and swimming calamari create a living, breathing landscape. In the daytime, sunlight glimmers down through the azure water, brightening  formations, darting fish and illuminating other vivid sea creatures. At night, a diver's vision is limited to the circle of his underwater lighting. This pool of artificial light amidst the surrounding blackness lends a surrealistic quality to the reef. It becomes a different, more mysterious creature.

Hundreds of shipwrecks over the years have sent treasures to the bottom of the sea, gold and silver coins, jewelry and Amphora's -our true treasures are the beautiful clear waters themselves and the relaxing time spent just soaking up the sunshine , food and views from aboard the Catamaran. You don't have to be a Jacques Cousteau to see this eighth wonder of the world- Explore it with just a snorkel, dive mask and a pair of fins. IN Greece you can snorkeling  in shallow depths in secluded coves and will allow you to experience the true wonder of the underwater world where ancient villages and underwater ruins can be seen in many places along your sailing charter.














"One should not leave the Greek Islands without experiencing this! Even if you're a non swimmer, or you don't snorkel, the sailing  itself is such a spectacular experience."

Felicia Griffin





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