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  On a budget  and dont have anyone to go with ??? cost is $1750 Double Occupancy cabin each  -- all inclusive once onboard-



Sailing on our Magical Catamaran as we make our way thru the islands is an Adventure, a unique and fun way of seeing and sailing the islands.  We added the concept of cabin charter sailing on a shared yacht with a skipper, crew and inclusive meals. Over the years we've honed our program and you can now join by the cabin or charter your own yacht . Young or old, our trip is for all ages and experience levels, you'll make new friends aboard or book as a group and sail with your friends. As long as you're active and interested in seeing the wonders , then this is the trip for you. 



On a island sailing holiday you'll savor the flavor & culture of the natural beauty of these islands. Each day the tour will have planned excursions and your warm and experienced crew will keep you up to date on the bays, classical temples and gourmet restaurants in the region. 

The trip is for everyone-novice, experienced and non-sailors, can join in all aspects of life aboard ship and we welcome you to take the helm or you can simply read a book and soak up the sun. You can join us if you are a single, couple or a group of friends as you pay by the cabin. 





Last Night I slept in a small cove all alone with no lights only from the Milky Way and the stars, I saw many shooting stars pass by and felt the wonder of Being here in this moment with all there is-a feeling of peace is with me always, perhaps living on a sailboat in the Islands is a little like living in a sea of love, The Love comes from all the wonderful people I meet along the way, but it also comes from the emptiness of sea & space, those places between the stars ,and land- that place that is in all of us