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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have been forced to shut down completely in the Greek Islands, new rules have been implemented by the Greek Government. We have been permanently closed to chartering in that country, and have relocated to the Caribbean. We are very sorry , please contact us by e-mail if you have given a deposit.


We at Sailing Charters are committed to providing some of the best off the beaten path ,catamaran sailing available in the Islands.  Our small personalized trips and retreats are designed with you in mind and our Goal is to give you the best sailing vacation of your life!! These fully crewed sailing charters come with your own Captain and Crew—for a luxury vacation in paradise.


Sailing excursions exploring the different ports and villages off the beaten path, are among some of the most beautiful islands in the world! On most trips we sail 3-5 hours a day Island hopping visiting a new and beautiful village each day, then you can explore the beautiful islands and villages the rest of the day, or snorkel swim and relax--Our new sailing catamaran, is equipped with the most technologically advanced safety & navigation systems and equipment onboard, and staffed by a cordial, experienced crew whose purpose is to see that you fully enjoy your custom adventure. We are a small operation, so we cater to you as our only customer as we sail our way around the beautiful Islands. While onboard sailing or at port, we make all meals from scratch & organic if possible ,we love to prepare great homemade meals, and LOVE People along with sailing and  discovering new places, Our sailing catamaran charters are truly an exhilarating sailing experience—and we look forward to meeting you in paradise! 













We at Sailing Charters believe that true healing begins in the mind. So we harmonize with nature to take you away from the harsh everyday routine of stress and anxiety, to a place of remarkable beauty and exciting adventure. A mind at peace with itself and the world provides fertile ground for all other healing experiences to occur.  Discover a new and  beautiful port or anchorage every day !






















Recently, I was asked what’s it like sailing with 6-10 people onboard 6 months of the year ?
It’s definitely a very personal and growing experience for everyone who comes aboard.The façade and defensive wall of most people’s egos soon crumbles for almost everyone, allowing the beauty of who thay are shine through, after a few days. There’s no where to hide and unconditional acceptance is felt by all , as we get to know each other very well during these 10 days. It really becomes an experience of the spirit with many people and there’s often a feeling of deep respect and love that is palatable. real friendship develops that lasts a lifetime. .Yes we have all been blessed to be here right now in this very moment..
It’s natrual for folks to flow like the water as we sail , theres an energy that exists here that is conducive to our well being , that energy is powered by the combination of the sea ,wholesome food and the spirit of adventure in the natral wonders all around us ,along with the slowed down life style of life aboard a sailboat ,were never in a hurry here.. People come with expectations of having a great time and they do! Attitude and attitude adjustment is the key and sometimes folks who are very rigid and set in there ways have break through by just being here in the peaceful place of non doing. .being able to have time to reflect and connect with nature and it’s powerful healing energy. Experiencing what’s really important in life ..them selfs and each other =love





By choosing to be our most authentic & loving self, we leave a trail of magic everywhere we go!



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we love our holiday sailing and sailing in the greek islands and turkey, BVI, USVI, come join us today

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