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A Voyage to Paradise

We at Sailing Charters, embark on a quest to provide the finest off-the-beaten-path catamaran sailing experiences amidst some of the most beautiful Islands in the world. Our ethos revolves around personalized journeys and retreats, meticulously crafted with you in mind. Our unwavering goal? To give you the most exquisite sailing vacation of your lifetime! These fully crewed charters come complete with your own Captain and Crew, promising a luxurious sojourn in paradise.

Sailing excursions that weave through hidden ports and quaint villages, far from the well-trodden routes. These islands, bathed in beauty, stand as some of the most captivating in the world. Our daily routine involves 3-5 hours of sailing daily, island-hopping from one enchanting village to another. The sun-kissed days unfold, inviting you to explore these pristine havens, snorkel in azure waters, or simply bask in relaxation.

Our sailing catamaran boasts state-of-the-art safety and navigation systems. Manned by a seasoned crew, our mission is singular: to ensure your complete immersion in this bespoke adventure. As a small-scale operation, we dedicate ourselves entirely to you, our cherished guest, as we weave our way through these island gems. Whether aboard the vessel or ashore, we conjure meals from scratch, favoring organic ingredients. Our love for culinary artistry mirrors our passion for people and the thrill of discovery.

Sailing with us is nothing short of exhilarating. So, dear traveler, let the winds carry you toward our rendezvous in paradise. We eagerly await your arrival! Contact us today and book your trip , our space is very limited.














We at Sailing Charters believe that true healing begins in the mind. So we harmonize with nature to take you away from the harsh everyday routine of stress and anxiety, to a place of remarkable beauty and exciting adventure. A mind at peace with itself and the world provides fertile ground for all other healing experiences to occur.  Discover a new and  beautiful port or anchorage every day !


























By choosing to be our most authentic & loving self, we leave a trail of magic everywhere we go!



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